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This is in bloom in our backyard. What is it? Leslie and I have no concrete answer, just swags. We'd appreciate it if someone would lend there expertise to this little puzzle.


Cheryl said...

I didn't have any luck identifying your plant, it's familiar but (contrary to what my daughter might say) I'm not good with plant names. Give your local Master Gardeners a call. The number for Orange Co. MGs is: 714-708-1646...not sure what county you live in. Search on your county and Master Gardeners. The email address should be on their website, so you can send them the photo.

lori said...

it reminds me of some sort of day lily but the stalk is too thick. really pretty though!!!

Suldog said...

I'd say Tiger Lily, but I have no expertise. It looks similar to those we had in our yard when I was a kid, though.

Dangermouse said...

It's difficult to tell from the photo. Might be Monkey flower or Penstemon... Can you get more photos? Closer up and particularly of the stalk and front.