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As my birthday has passed, it is time for me to spend a tiny bit of my day paying attention to the NHL standings. If I have more than a bit of time, I'll try to catch a game, or at least check the headlines. I'm not a huge sports guy, but I'll admit to a weakness for baseball and hockey. So I give in to this weakness when my birthday roles around, as it signals the last month and a half of the season. So I stop just glancing at the standings and I start to read more news and watch more full games.

So it's nice to hit my birthday and see two wonderful things - one, the New Jersey Devils had a recent run of home game wins that put them in serious contention for the playoffs. And two, Marty Brodeur is within a week or so of breaking the NHL record for career wins, and possibly the career shutout wins. So, y'know, he's got that goin' for him.

Anyway, go Devils and go Devil Fans and anyone who was ever a member of the Uli Heimer Fan Club!


David said...

Go Devils! And go Caps! And go Sharks! Hey, I've got 3 teams primed to make the playoffs. Surely one of them will win the cup. Right?
-- Dave