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It's Tuesday morning, a little after 6:30 in the morning, and I've just made sure the kids are awake and functioning. Now it's time to wait for their demands (lunch money, a new car, depends on the weather)

Leslie is out of town for the week - in Dallas, for work - The days are pretty easy, but the nights are a tough piece of somethin' - as the song goes, bed's too big without her.

I was getting into my regular cycle, and I guess I still am, to some degree, but with Leslie gone, I sleep less, so it's harder to truly find that slot in the universe in which I belong. Carlos Castaneda wrote about finding your place - my place is here, with my family, no doubt - but when Leslie is on a business trip, I find myself as Castaneda claims he found himself, in The Teachings Of Don Juan, having a hard time finding his spot.

Other than that, things are just fine. The days are pleasant, the kids are in some kind of academic zone, not to mention polite, so I'm in some sort of bizarro teenager world.

I've got some other stuff going on - nothing oppressive, but nothing that would make you smile, and this has already been a mostly-down post, so I'll leave off, but before I do, how about a dance number:


David said...

Hope your bad stuff rises from your shoulders and the good stuff rolls in quickly. Will focus all karma on you today, bro!
-- Dave

Suldog said...

Have a cookie. That always helps.

Dangermouse said...

Ahhh, to meet a gal like that... -SWOON-