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9:28 AM

A Request


If you read just one paragraph, let it be this one. If you don't have a Google i.d. or an OpenId or your own website, and you have no choice but to select Anonymous when you comment, please have the courtesy to sign your name. Being truly anonymous is fine if you have a revolutionary idea and wish to test the waters without fear of recrimination. But criticism, unless based at a someone/someones with enormous power over you, should be levied with your face held high. If you've got the grapes, sign your name.

So, what the hell is Stu talking about? I'm talking about an experiment I ran, to see if I could fish out an anonymous commenter. At first, it started out as a joke, that I would joke about the Welsh. I stole the idea from Family Guy, whose Stewie (no relation) made a quick elbow in the ribs of the Welsh. When I saw that, I thought, "Hey, my kids are part Welsh, make a joke about the Welsh on your blog."

But then I saw the bigger picture. I had been starting on movie recommendations and when Garage Band popped into my head, I thought, "Hey, not only can you do the Welsh joke, but you can try to fish out an anonymous commenter as well." So there you have it, all nice and neat.

Soon, with more bromidic stuff.


Melissa said...

Stu, I don't have a blog nor do I plan on starting one, but I will always come here and comment, whether or not I completly understand what you are talking about.


I don't watch Family guy, but maybe I should.

Oh, and is first name good enough? You know, like Cher or Madonna.

Stu said...


First, I always value your comments and am glad you enjoy what I write (a writer doesn't exist without a reader).

Second, you do identify yourself when you comment, which I consider appropriate and respectful.

Third, I am a strong supporter of Family Guy, but am not sure if it's for you, as I don't know you well enough. For you to enjoy it, you'd have to enjoy a combination of animation, sit-coms, and no-holds barred anti-everyone humor. Me, I can't get enough, but I can see it's not for everyone.

Fourth, first name alone is great for me, especially as I am a fan of Cher and Madonna.

Melissa said...


Thanks Stu.

That's all.

David said...

So I agree with Melissa. I did not get the reference. What does GarageBand have to do with movie recommendations and how does it help you fish out an anonymous commenter? What the hell is all this brouhaha?

Maybe a link to the offending anonymous comment would help us poor welshfolk...

-- Goronwy

Stu said...


In no particular order:

In an episode of Family Guy, Stewie watches Peter run, and comments, "Look at him run. He runs like a Welshman. Doesn't he? Doesn't he run like a Welshman?" This is a reference to Stewie's character being a mix of an homage and a send-up of Rex Harrison. One could imagine Mr. Harrison's "Henry Higgins" making a similar reference. As I am a devotee of Seth MacFarlane's humor, I thought of making a joke out of the fact that most people view any film with a British-originated accent to be based in the UK, even if it's not the case. Garage Band, and here's the link to the post that features my recommendation of that film, is an Australian film (featuring people with Australian accents which are based upon the English dialect). Seemed like an opportunity for humor.

But then I remembered that I've been getting a few anonymous comments on my blog, and, at times, anonymous criticisms. Netiquette suggests that if you are going to proffer criticism, that you sign your name to it, out of respect.

So I got to thinking, what if I purposefully wrote something incorrectly, to use as bait for the anonymous critic(s) that have made use of my unmoderated comments area. And it worked, because an anonymous commenter indeed pointed out the mistake.

I don't mind criticism, but I mind when it's done behind a wall of anonymity. It's not what I consider respectful.

I hope that clears things up.