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10:31 AM

Film Recommendation


I'm gonna starting doing quick posts with a recommendation. Take them as you will, in good times and bad.

Film Recommendation: Garage Days - brought to you by the guy who did the exceptional Dark City. Garage Days is a well-told, funny, modern tale of young folks in England. It's not awesome, awesome, as I'm not big on films that lean a little too *Hollywood* in that they appear to have been influenced by the marketing side of the writer's brain. So there's a love story in it, and it's kinda wedged in there at an odd angle. But barring that, it's funny and, at times, features some exceptional filmmaking. Also, it's English, and I'm a sucker for English/Irish/Scottish films. But not the Welsh. Just don't like the Welsh.


Anonymous said...

Uh, like its director, Alex Proyas, the movie Garage Days is Australian, shot in New South Wales.

Stu said...

Fishing... Fishing... Caught one!

Yes, oh brave anonymous, that was the joke about the Welsh. Our family is, in fact, part Welsh.