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I'm not the only one saying this, nor am I the smartest. But if we all keep saying this, over and over again, maybe change will occur:

The past has clearly taught us that waiting while the economy slowly nose-dives, then using small funding/rate-cutting steps to solve the problem doesn't work. In our entire 230-odd years as a nation, this has *never* worked.

What we should try next is to take a unique approach: The moment the first heavy-duty economist mentions the word Recession, our government should throw way too much money at the problem. The theory is that we can always ask for some of that money back, through tax increases, but you can't tax folks who are broke. The bigger the tax-base, the more our country thrives. How do we increase the tax-base? Throw serious money at education and social services and tax breaks for anyone below 20% over the poverty line.

And yes, I do believe in trading a federal income tax for a federal sales tax.

And is this post inspired by what my governor is doing to our state's education funding? Yah, you betcha.