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6:37 AM

March 2nd


Well, today's the day, I'm now 41.

It occurred to me yesterday that I really don't want anything for my birthday. I tried and tried, but I really feel full. I have a wife and kids and shelter and a dog and a cat and... well, what else do I need?

It feels good to be full. Or, to refer to a great book, The Missing Piece Meets The Big O, I feel whole and complete unto myself. Finally. Took me a bit of time, but I got to where I am and I'm grateful.

So, with that, I leave you to your days, wishing you each a peaceful journey as you ride this rock around the closest massive, luminous ball of plasma.



cherylann said...

Happy Birthday Stu! I am glad that you feel so fulfilled! What a great every day gift. *smile*

Lori said...

AMEN Cherylann! Happy Birthday Stu!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Stu,

I am so very happy to see you so complete on this day that is so very important in your mom and dad's life. I love you and want to tell you what a special son you are.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,

It seems positively eerie that after so many years, I'd feel a sudden urge this morning to track you down on teh intarweb and see what you're up to. As far as I know, I never even knew your birthday ... but heck, the timing seems a bit too coincidental to ignore. Anyhow ... great to hear you're still hangin' in there! Well, take care and keep up your good works, my man!

-- Mike Detwiler ("Mac Cowboy")

Stu said...

Mike Detwiler!! Email me!!

This may require a post about my days as a tech support engineer, a dodgy subject long ago, but not so anymore.

Suldog said...

To we born on the 2nd day of March!

Love from a 51-year-old to a 41-year-old.

- Jim