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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was great ('cept that the kids were with their dad). I got to do a lot of nothing. I got to laze around with Leslie. I got to talk to her, really talk. I got to watch High Fidelity. I got a very cool gift from Leslie, a Tibeten singing bowl.

The day before, Leslie and I went to the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art. Couldn't have been a cooler experience. First, I got to hang with Leslie. Second, I got to see works by my heros: Mondrian, Rauschenberg, Pollock, Rothko, Kline, Gorky, and more. Third, I got to experience a great conversation with a museum aide about modern art. Fourth, by chance, on our walk from the parking lot to the museum (about a four block walk), Leslie and I got to spend some time watching a bit of the filming of a Pontiac commercial. They had a specially designed Porsche with a crane and camera attached to the roof. Very cool, and a very Los Angeles moment.

Tonight the four of us will go out to dinner (especially as that will make Noe really happy). Then we'll open presents in the library while listening to whatever music I can get away with. Maybe some Joe Pass or some Stan Getz or some Joni or some Marcus Roberts. We shall see.


Suldog said...

Please tell me what a Tibetan Singing Bowl is. Does the bowl sing or does it facilitate singing by others or is it just something nice to have around when singing? Or maybe all of the above?