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5:41 PM

Growing Up


This one's for me, so feel free to ignore it:

Nich's phone and iPod got stolen today, as he left them in his soccer bag, out by the soccer field. Someone just came along, rifled through the bag, and took both of them. *sigh*

Now, obviously I feel for Nich, for the violation. I've had a few bikes stolen, and a good camera, so I can empathize.

But there's a part of me that got a little more grown-up today, as I had to call the phone company and then the insurance company, and I was able to handle it all, despite my immaturity. This is just about as grown-up as I've ever felt, handling something like this.

Fortunately, the phone was insured, so we'll have a replacement tomorrow. The iPod was just a Shuffle, so while it's gone gone, it was not that expensive and getting him a new one will not break us. Shame that there's no way for Apple to track stolen iPods when they get plugged into iTunes, but that's a change that may occur at some point.

Meanwhile, my son was ok with it, bummed, but not heart-sick. He felt violated, but glad that it wasn't worse, and that we were insured for the phone.

Also, it was a valuable lesson. Nothing teaches personal responsibility more than having something bad happen. So he learned the lesson of locking up your stuff, but the lesson was learned in the most painless way possible. So, as a parent, I'm glad. Now he knows to listen to me when I tell him to get a lock for his soccer bag.

Anyway, dear Diary, that's it. Thanks for listening. It's nice to know you're there for me.

Oh, and to be candid, it was Leslie who decided to get insurance for that phone, not me. She's the brains, I just do laundry. ;-)


David said...

Sorry, bro, and sorry Nich. Bummer when stuff like that happens. Reminds me of a whole series of tape decks stolen from various cars over the years. A really great racing bike from a locked garage. And, finally, my car when it was parked in back of my apartment in Pittsburgh.

All incredibly valuable lessons for me. But sucky nonetheless...

-- Dave

lori said...

hey bro - so sorry to hear about nich. tough lesson to learn that humans are nasty and thoughtless. he is a tough cookie though and really lucky to have you and leslie as his support. and as for growing up - i have to say that parenting was the root of that for me too. now onto laundry...