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Can I give yet another shout-out to my home state, New Jersey?!? They really get it about transformation and adjustment and citizenry. This latest news story is what prompts this post: New Jersey Senate Votes for Leave to Care for Kin.

For those who don't have a subscription to the online NY Times, get one, it's free. And for those who can't be bothered, here's the first few 'graphs, which get the point across:

    TRENTON — After an unusually emotional debate bursting with political indignation and personal anguish, the State Senate narrowly approved legislation Monday that would make New Jersey the third state in the nation to give employees the right to take paid leave to care for a newborn or a sick relative.

    The measure would be financed by employee payroll deductions that would cost every worker in New Jersey a maximum of 64 cents a week, or $33 a year. Those taking the leave would be eligible for two-thirds of their salary, up to a maximum of $524 a week, for six weeks. The benefit falls short of the $917 a week that California offers but is more than double what Washington State will offer starting next year.

    The bill now goes to the Assembly, which is expected to approve it on March 13. Gov. Jon S. Corzine, who has said he will sign the measure, said Monday that it was “an important step in the right direction for working families in New Jersey.” If the bill becomes law, it will take effect on Jan. 1, 2009.

New Jersey gets it. If you want a better society, you have to help out those in need. The more you help out poor people, the less crime. The less crime, the more freedom. Everyone wins.