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This may sound like a funny question, but I'm sincere and asking for assistance:

How long can wet laundry sit in the washing machine, after the washing has happened, before it has to be rewashed? Make sense? If so, comment. If not, read the next paragraph.

I, at times, put in a load of laundry and then forget to transfer it to the dryer. Water breeds mold over time, so when I smell the beginnings of mold on such an occasion, I rewash the clothes. Do any of you have an opinion on how long the wet clothes can sit before mold becomes an issue?

Oh, and happy Thursday to those who need a happy Thursday.


Lori said...

i don't like to leave the wash in the machine for very long at all. so i put the wash in when i am focused on it and on the same level so i pay attention to the sounds of the machine. hope you don't have to do wash on your bday...

David said...

I don't have a problem with laundry being left overnight. Depends how good your spin cycle is at getting water out of the clothes. Depends on the absorbency of the clothes as well. You can tell by the weight of the clothes after they've been spun. The heavier they are, the quicker mold will form.

All that said, if I leave them in overnight, I will smell them. Clothing mold smells. If the clothes smell off, even a bit, I rewash them.

All very non-scientific, but works for me! :)

-- Dave

dad said...

Before our laundry room upgrade my rule was "if it stays overnight rewash."
Now I hardly ever do laundry. It seems to get done when I am not looking.

Meg said...

Yer Dad is lucky.

This has never happened to me, so I wouldn't know.

But if I were to know, I would say just barely overnight necessitates an extra rinse cycle (forgo the wash), more than that needs the whole shebang.

Now I was in the habit of switching into laundry mode, but as the drier takes longer than the washer I would *probably* have left the laundry in the washer way too often. But now I load the laundry into the machine as soon as the clothes go into the drier, but I don't run them until I am actually emptying the drier. Presto. And by that I mean it works for me.

Dangermouse said...

I use an egg timer. I set it to the wash time for first wash, or the dry time if there are multiple loads...It's loud and blaring so I never miss!