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9:45 AM

So... What's Next?


The Beatles weekend wasn't near as popular as I'd hoped. Maybe I'm just old.

Speaking of which, yes, I do have a birthday coming up, and I regret to say that I'll be turning 41. It's nice that I'm actually continuing to live, but I don't like the idea of aging. We need stronger legislation to fight aging. Where'd I put my congress-critter's phone number?

Meanwhile, things are downright brilliant for me at the moment. I'm getting serious fan mail from my readers at GNMParents, which is gratifying. Not in an ego way, as I don't think I'm near as good a writer as the thousands of fantastic writers that are currently creating prose. Instead, my feeling of gratitude is related to my happiness that folks are getting something positive out of my experience. It's nice to know that I'm succeeding at doing my part to make society a little nicer.

Also, the kids both brought home gargantuanly spectacular report cards, which is the height of awesome at our house.

Also, Noe threw the dog a birthday bash last Saturday. No kidding, it was a real do. 7 or 8 guests, tons of presents for the dog, as well as cookies and cake for him. This was wonderful for me, to watch Noelle be so happy, so ridiculously happy, silly happy. She works darned hard at school and helping around the house, she deserves that kind of abandon. Also the dog protects us with his insistent, incessant barking, so that's a good thing, even if it's causing me to lose my hearing as well as my sanity.

Leslie is fine. Work is hard for her, much harder than a year ago, so fine is actually pretty good at the moment. And she's a joy to have around the house, so that's cool. And she looks really good in tight jeans, so there's that.

I do not look good in tight jeans. Just for the record.


david mcmahon said...

Report cards sound like a great bonus.

I see (from your comment at Suldog's blog) that you are a Fawlty Towers fan.

Me too!

lori said...

HBD Bro!!!!!!!! Wish I could have been at the dog's party! Sounds like fun, especially watching through Noe's eyes - I do miss her!!!! And lastly - I say More Beatles Please!!!!! xoxo

Sharfa said...

Happy Birthday Stu!

You need to let Noe plan another party for an old dog like you! wink, wink. After all - you are almost as old as the dog.

I'll be turning 44 in May so suck it up dude - it's all downhill from here!

dad said...

First of all!!!!! aging sure beats the alternative.
Next, Life begins at forty! I think there was a movie with that title. I'm not sure but I am old and I am allowed to forget.
A great report cards means A GREAT HOME LIFE.
As far as your fan mail goes......
You are a great writer and you should get more of your work to the public.

Suldog said...

Stu -

Since I won't be in the blogosphere for either of our birthdays, let me wish you a very happy one right now, fellow 3-2!