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Not sure what to title this post, but I really am begging here: Stop supporting the Obama campaign. He is sounding more and more like he will be another Jimmy Carter.

And don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy Carter, as a humanitarian. Not as a President. As a President, he was sub-par. And he gave America the excuse to put us through eight years of Ronald Reagan. So please, for the love of all that is holy, stop supporting Obama and start pushing hard for Hillary. She is our best chance to show the world that America can lead with pride and with a firm vision.

Please and Thank You.


Melissa said...

Stu, I don't think enough of the American public read your blog. :) Obama is still leading Hillary.

I love Jimmy Carter. I was a kid when he was president so I don't know how he actually was, other than the way history books talk about his ineffective policies, but as a humanitarian now, he's really tops. I can't think of someone I admire more in the world than him. I was especially impressed when he met that young boy/author on Good Morning America, who wrote all those books about peace, etc. The boy had said that Carter was his hero, and so Carter wanted to meet him. I cannot remember that little boy's name. He has since passed away. He was very very sick at the time, and older than his years.

I do agree that between the two democratic candidates, Hillary wouldn't take any crap from anyone. I guess I like that.

We shall see this fall, right? I still don't know how I am voting yet.