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Not sure if you'd heard, but eBay decided to make some adjustments to the seller's profit margin. And, of course, the sellers lost their heads completely, crying foul. And not to leave it to just ranting, they are organizing a boycott.

Let me be clear: Most eBay sellers are complete scum who don't give a tinker's cuss about their customers. So let 'em hang, I don't care. Rich people who bitch about the fact that they may have to give up a couple of bucks make me puke. (Yes, there are some small vendors on eBay that are very nice, as well as the individuals who use eBay to empty their attic. But a lot of eBay sellers, especially the ones who are participating in the boycott, are solid companies with solid profits and pathetic customer service)

Now, it is possible that this is just my frustration over the fact that I have no real idea about what to write for my next weekly GNMParents column. Also, I've got a head-cold. So there's that as well.


Suldog said...

Bless you, Stu.

(Use that on your next sneeze.)