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So, by now, you've all heard that Fidel Castro is stepping down. And while I feel for him as a person and am sad that he is dying, I have always been anti-Castro, as I have always been anti-Authoritarian. So it might be good news that he's stepping down.

But maybe not.

There's no question that Putin is anti-American. And there's no question that he's a bad guy. So it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Putin has been, for some time, arranging funding for Cuba's ruling class in exchange for Castro's true successor to maintain Cuba's anti-American, anti-Freedom leadership. And Putin's not going anywhere for a good long while. He'll be Prime Minister soon and will remain in that position for as long as his health holds out.

So I'm putting my money down on their being little change with regard to Cuba, whether their "leader" is Fidel or his brother or a third person. As long as Putin is allowed to do what he wants, to have nigh-unchecked power, all Americans should remain wary.