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10:36 AM

WGA Strike


Many of you know that I am a writer. You may know that, for a while, I was a professional writer. I was never a Writers Guild of America member, but a writer is a writer, and I look at the WGA as family.

The WGA is getting screwed. An example: Writers for NBC were asked, by their bosses, to write webisodes for the NBC website. These webisodes were shown to millions of people, along with commercials attached, earning NBC executives and stockholders money. The writers? They didn't receive a dime.

So the WGA struck. And the studio executives who are negotiating on their side of the bargaining table are not aware of the ethical transgressions they are committing.

What to do?

My suggestion? Turn off your televisions. Stop attending films. Find another form of entertainment, such as: reading books, building birdhouses, knitting potholders, writing poetry, learning ballroom dance, listening to music, reading news sources, writing a blog, cooking from a new recipe, walking through the park, playing poker, learning astronomy, taking photographs, and on and on.

Fair is fair, and if we are to be a moral, ethical people, we need to take a collective stand. We don't need the tv, we don't need the movies, we need to be fair.