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10:21 AM

World of Warcraft


Ok, so I worked hard and reached a new milestone – over 1,000 Gold in my pocket.

I discovered some techniques about what to auction and what to sell to vendors, and I discovered some items sell faster and more often if you split them into smaller stacks before putting them up for auction.

As I still haven't found anything fun to spend my money on, I'm now loaning gold to folks online. No APR, just a "pay me back in a month" or whatever. I also go to one of the easier sections and give away coins to new, low-level players. But I wouldn't do either if I could buy a nice expensive toy, like a dragon or a horse-drawn cart or even a nice cloak of invisibility. :-)

If any of you out there know of what I can do with the gold I'm earning, let me know.

As always, Thanks!


Suldog said...

Um... Make yourself a big on-line set of Mr. T gold chains and necklaces?

(Sorry, Stu. I'm ignorant and have little to no clue what you're talking about.)