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5:46 AM

Palm Springs


Leslie has a brain-storm for a certain product line I can't name (non-disclosure)... It's being held in Palm Springs and she invited me along to stay at the hotel and do nothing!


So I'll bring some comic books, some regular books, my laptop, my guitar and mic and keyboard, and enjoy a few days away from the same walls that I look at for months at a time.

We leave tonight (Wednesday) and come back Friday afternoon.

Then Saturday is Billie's needle aspiration.

(Thanks for the cards and letters.)


TrudyM said...

I am very sorry about Billie. I hope the needle aspiration shows that Billie is OK.

Have a wonderful trip to Palm Springs. See the sights. I hear that it is beautiful.


Barbara said...

I hope things go well for Billy.

Have fun in Palm Springs.

Your Favorite Yankee Fan

dad said...

I hope you have fun in Palm Springs. I hope all goes well with Billie.
Best wishes to Les on the new project. I know how stressful that can be.
From a yankee fan 'till Steinbrener bought the team. GO SOX!

Melissa said...

i will be thinking of Billie, and hope that whatever the diagnosis and your decision, that you all enjoy whatever time you've got with your furball.

Enjoy your trip.

And Oh-ya, the Indians beat the Yankees! (I'm in Cleveland). Every time I log onto your blog and see that dreaded symbol, my hackles all got in an uproar. It was nice to see a W go in our column last night. :)

Ha ha ah ha Barbara (just teasin' and all, since I don't know you. Hope you don't mind my playing along. :))