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What a truly wonderful place, this Palm Springs.

We're staying at the Westin, which is a spa/resort/golf course kind-of place. It's very large, about the size of a small college campus. Not a bad thing, as college campuses are some of my favorite places.

The weather is beautiful, although oddly hot for October. Yeah, I realize that I'm in the desert, but still, it's pretty hot for October.

I'm pretty sure I'm over my Pleurisy: I did a nice, solid, thorough upper-body workout on the Cybex circuit they have here. Sets of rows, bench press, etc., all at around 50 pounds (which isn't bad, considering I haven't lifted weights in almost a year)... I felt a tiny twinge when I did the rows, but that was yesterday and this morning I have 0 pain. Now I just have to figure out which home gym I'm going to buy for the garage, 'cause, wow, I really do miss lifting weights.

Meanwhile, I also took a couple of schvitzes (steam baths), which was a luxury for me, as sauna is so much more popular (less expensive, less maintenance), so there are far less steam rooms in the world. But boy, they sure do clean out the pores and the sinuses and the lungs.

The locker room was terrific, with robes and slippers and razors and such. I'm an electric razor kind-of guy, but I was bored, so I tried to use a blade to neaten up my neck (I forgot to pack my razor for this trip)... I remembered to rinse the blade in cold water, so I didn't nick myself, although my facial hair is a might too tough for the cheap razors at hotels. However, I may buy myself a decent blade at the grocery store, just for kicks.

The best part has been not seeing my house or hometown for a few days. My brain is very happy with different surroundings every once in a while. And looking at the mountains is endless joy.

We've got check-out in a few hours, so I'm gonna grab some food and then head back to the room to pack. Thanks for reading. :-)


Suldog said...

Glad you're having a good time, Stu. We're headed up to New Hampshire shortly, and I hope to have much of the same.

Go Sox!!!

lori said...

wanna see some pics though...

how is billie?????


Barbara said...

Sounds like a fantastic time Stu.

You know, it's unusually warm here too. It's in the 80's in October! We're 20 degrees higher than usual and it's been like this for a few weeks.