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So I hear that some folks have smaller screens on their computers, which means that the Yankees logo doesn't appear in the upper-right. Do you think I should make it smaller, or leave it the way it is?

I agreed to a much smaller size in my bet with Barbara, but I wanted to give a little more, to show that I believe in the spirit of the bet, and to be generous with Barbara, whose beloved Yankees lost the top berth in the pennant race.



Barbara said...

Stu -

I have a huge screen size at work and the logo still dropped. I bet it has more to do with browser version than screen size.

I think the should be a tad smaller so it stays at the top, that way the rest of your sidebar info doeshn't get lost either. But, I'm happy either way.

We lost our division to the (cough) Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees haven't lost the pennant yet, whoever goes to the World Series wins the pennant.

Your Favorite Yankees Fan,


Stu said...


How about now?

Barbara said...

Stu - It's about a half inch too big.

Your Favorite Yankees Fan,


Stu said...

How 'bout now?

Barbara said...

Stu - It's right up top where it should be. Your blog looks fan-flippin-tabulous!

Your Favorite Yankees Fan,


cherylann said...

For some reason I can't see it, but I'm okay with that. *big grin*

Meg said...

Hmmm... what are the chances of making it invisible?

Killired said...

hello! barbara sent me... i've been reading about the bet and had to come check out the logo!
i like your blog... i shoulda come sooner! i see you use feedblitz so i'll sign up for that... i just love it!
my blog is currently blocked and i haven't been updating it so dont think you're missing out on anything if you try to click thru and comment back! i'm just super busy and haven't felt like updating. nice to 'meet' ya!

Dangermouse said...

Mets Rule!!!

Suldog said...

Oh, poor deluded Dangermouse... The Mets are gone, honey. They died peacefully, this past Sunday, after a (very) short illness.

(As far as NL teams go, the Mets are my faves, so I feel for you.)

TrudyM said...


Mom Trudy

Melissa said...


From this Tribe fan, YES shrink that Yankees logo !!!!!!


Wo0t, we won the first game last night!

Ah, ok, I feel better now.