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Our trip to Venice was part of a larger weekend spent with the kids, enjoying time off. We accompanied Nich as he boogied on the board, we went shopping with Noelle, watching her pick out new clothes for school. We saw a mediocre comedy at a very nice local theater, we talked, Les and I took a late-night stroll while Noe was at a sleepover and Nich was safely ensconced in his cave. We even stopped off to catch the last few hours of Fiesta Hermosa, a twice-yearly street fair in downtown Hermosa Beach. Much jewelry was bought, as well as Hanukkah gifts for friends and family, and I ate a crêpe on a stick, banana and chocolate. I also ate some pineapple chicken, and I walked so much I ached from my brevis muscle to my quadriceps, so I earned that crêpe, believe me.


cherylann said...

How do they get a crepe on a stick???

Stu said...


A fine question indeed. There process, which may differ than others, was to pour the crêpe batter into a modified waffle iron, stick inside. They added bananas, cooked it, popped it out, coated it with powdered sugar and chocolate... Et voilà, Magie! Délicieux!!

dad said...

I wonder if you could make a watermelon that way????????

dad said...

I meant watermelon sandwich

Stu said...

The only issue with your concept is that one would have to be a big fan of warm watermelon. Myself, I only like ice-cold melon (any kind).

Banana, and other fruits, like apples, are really excellent warmed up.

But that's just me.