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2:09 PM

Random Notes


How cool would it be if Mark Cuban bought the Chicago Cubs? It would extremely cool, that's how cool! Mark Cuban is a new media mind, and the Cubs could be awesome under his leadership.

Second, thanks for all the cards and letters and kind thoughts and phone calls. You're all a bunch of menschen. First class. Nich and I are fast on the mend, although I don't feel comfortable with my laying about. I'll make up for it at some point.

Also, What can I do for you? How can I make this blog more you-friendly? Music / Movie / Book recommendations? Recipes? Political opinions? Moral observations? Leave me a thoughtful comment and I'll write a post about it, and that's a promise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,

Between Stu and Nich....and now Mom/Gram, we are all "klutzes". I was walking Joshua and along came a squirrel on our lawn (the audacity of that little squirrel) and Joshua went after him with me holding the leach. I went down - hiting my knees and the right side of my face. Dad said that I will have a black eye and my left knee swelled up like a baseball. Do I fit in with Nich and yourself??? Mom Mark

cherylann said...

oooh, recipes are good. Easy ones please, for the ones who are not so culinary accomplished.

David said...

Stu, Mom,
Lori clued me in to Nich and your injuries. I immediately gave myself a paper cut, just for solidarity. Hope all three of you heal quickly.
Have you run into Beckam at the grocery store yet?
-- Dave

Suldog said...


I'd be interested in a top ten of your favorite recording artists, or perhaps your favorite recordings. I know Zappa would be inthere, but what else?

Melissa said...


Keep getting better!

I'd like to know your favorite movie genre, and then top ten favorite movies. I know I am late to the party and you've already named one, but I am a sci-fi fan first and always interested in others opinions.

But, if you don't like sci-fi, I'd be open to broadening my horizons.

Take care

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm late to the party on this one, but I would like to see/read about your creative process - what sparks a post (here or at GNMParents) and how/if you edit... How do you choose what you will blog about, and why? :)