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11:05 AM

House - 1, Stu - 0


While Nich heals, Stu incurs sympathy injury:

A few days ago, Nich was feeling chipper, so he took a soccer ball outside. I followed him, chatting him up, which lead to a gentle game of keep-away. I was very focused on playing extremely cleanly, as Nich is still healing.

However, I was paying to much attention to him, and not enough to my other surroundings. As Nich got the ball by me, I turned to chase after it, running full-tilt boogie into the corner of the house.

It's ok to laugh. I'll be here when you're done.


Done? Ok, so now it's Wednesday and I am ok, but just barely. I'm pretty sure no ribs are broken, but my chest sure do hurt a might. So I'm trying to rest when I can, although I am not a very resolute person when it comes to my person - I was working out this morning and I think I exacerbated my injury doing some sit-ups. Back to bed for me. :-\

Oh, and Happy E. B. White Day to those who celebrate.


Anonymous said...

so sorry stu!!! but maybe take a page from your parenting book and take a walk instead of bed. you are doing so well helping nich heal...

Anonymous said...

Keep on working. Remember it only hurts when you "laff"

Suldog said...

I have had stuff like that happen and it is completely mortifyingly embarrassing. Better you than me, though!

Melissa said...

Oh no! Well, sit back and relax. Hey, that new Harry Potter book is coming out. What a perfect reason to just sit around and heal yourself. :) If you're a fan, and you're looking for some justification, I think you just found it. :)

But, feel better. Wishes for a speedy recovery, and freedom from injury to the rest of the household.

Ericka said...

bwahahahaha! omg. really?

suddenly i feel much better about braining myself on the corner of the porch this weekend. it was sweet: knocked my glasses into the scary unknown thorny plantlife so i had to do my velma impression to find them. in addition to the dent in my head, my hands and arms are all scratched up from the unfriendly plant natives.

well, hope you're feeling better!

mike said...

Ok, so there was a reason they called you Lumberjack in Cross Country back in High School. Hmmm and that reason was? Oh yeah hey Stu remember the time you ran smack into a tree on the XCountry course in High School??? Glazd to see that you are on the mend, and that nothing changes..