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Yes, that's right, I've got pleurisy. Wahoo!

Why am I happy? Because I know I'll get better in a another week or so. Dig it.

For those who don't know what pleurisy is, and are willing to read stuff about internal organs: Your lungs are like sponges. Except if the rest of the fluids that are in your body were able to drift through your lungs, they wouldn't work as well. So each lung in wrapped inside a plastic bag (called the pleura). This bag is made up of an inner and outer membrane, with liquid between the two. When I ran, chest-first, into the corner of our house, I created a pleural effusion, which means I tore one of the membranes and too much liquid filled up the pleura.

The prognosis is great, in that it didn't get caused by an infection or virus or whatever, it was physical. This means that I just rest, take anti-inflammatories, and the injury will heal itself. Yay.

So, what else?... Leslie's been great, up-beat, oh-so-sweet to me during my time of being a downer cow, and dealing incredibly well with her stuff at work. (for those who don't know what that means, feel free to email me)

Noelle has been exceptional. Cleaning like crazy. I'm starting to run out of projects to give her.

Nich is healing nicely, the wounds clean and healing symmetrically. He's back at soccer practice, working hard. He's also reading the complete "Dirk Pitt" series by Clive Cussler.

And lastly, sci-fi movie recommendations: Here are several films that I love to watch, over and over again: Blade Runner, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Outland, Alien, Aliens, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Dark City...

Next post: A Filet Mignon recipe!


Dangermouse said...

Wow man, that's crazy! You must have hit yourself damn hard!! Speedy recovery and don't go climbing Everest anytime soon! Much love and soft hugs ;)

Stu said...

I am strong like bull!!

Anonymous said...

wow! so sorry to hear. so glad you are healing and that you are on such a wonderful team!!! love you!!

cherylann said...

Hope you take it easy and feel better Stu!

Suldog said...

Well, first, here's good wishes and good karma headed your way, along with some prayer. Get better (as if you could!)

Second, thanks for the link back to the music choices. I don't know how I missed that one the first time around, but I guess I did.

Anonymous said...

So sorry son. Pleurisy is nothing to fool around with. Grandma Sophia had it and it took a while to heal. Antibiotics did the trick for her. I'm sorry that you are hurting. You are a good guy.

Much love


Stu said...


Yeah, pleurisy is nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately, it wasn't caused by a germ, so no need for anti-bodies. Just naproxen and bed rest. Thanks for thinkin' of me!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have shingles. I will totally trade you.

Oh wait, I keep the narcotics, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, good grief. I hope your aren't hurting too badly!

I have to say that I'm not a bit surprised at the love and support your family has shown... you have a wonderful, loving family! :)

Melissa said...

Man oh man. How fast WERE You running? That's pretty damn impressive. Ran so fast, and slammed so hard you tore innards.

Good luck getting better. Thanks for the sci-fi recommendations.

Keep getting better, and don't laugh too much, I hear that hurts.

TastesLikeCrazy said...

Pleurisy. Don't you just love how archaic it sounds?
I can definitely empathize with you. I've had it twice and though it sounds really cool, I know it sucks. I hope you feel better soon.