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Woke up this morning in some discomfort. Pretty normal for me lately, as I've been asleep for 8 or 9 hours. Still, it told me that it was another day of "Don't Jostle Stu." Meh. However, I was tired of not exercising. So I got on the treadmill, set the speed to an easy walking pace, about 2.4 mph, and set the incline for a 5% grade, and walked a full mile. Felt really good, and no jostling, so no pain. Lots of sweat, a few calories burned, but no pain. So, like, um, yay.

Oh yeah, here's the filet mignon recipe, which I fully acknowledge I get straight from The Palm Cookbook, the one from that great New York steakhouse, The Palm:

Take a nice-sized fry pan, your best one, and heat it as hot as she'll go. Give it a good few minutes to get hot. Meanwhile, take some olive oil and pepper and salt and coat a dinner plate with it. Dip one side of the filet, turn it over, dip the other. Then, get some tongs, big enough to handle the filet, and drop the filet into the pan. Placement is important, especially when cooking more than one, as the filet needs at least an inch of breathing room on all sides. However, it should be made clear that the filet should never be moved once it hits the pan. So hold the filet over the pan like a reverse Claw game. Then drop it and start a timer. After 2 and half minutes (15 seconds less if you really like your food rare), lift the steak and turn it over, repeating the above. You may want to have another plate as a platform while you adjust for the drop of the second side. 2 and a half minutes later, out comes the steak from the pan, and onto a cooling rack.

Prep some veggies or whatever side-dish you like, do kitchen clean up, and then, after maybe a half-hour, heat your oven. Turn it to 425˚ and let it get hot. While the oven is reaching 425, get a cookie sheet/baking pan/metal flat thing and cover it with aluminum foil. I like the Reynolds Wrap no-stick stuff, 'cause of the easy clean-up. When you're ready, put the steak(s) on the foiled surface and stick it on the middle rack of the oven. 12 minutes later and you've got medium rare. 16 minutes and you've got medium. Whatever your choice, remove the tray and steaks and set on the stove to cool. Serve at your own free will. Bon appétit!