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11:31 PM

The Elevator


We're staying at the Marriott. On the way up to our room, we shared an elevator with Robert Englund, who made us laugh by calling out for floor "13" in his best Freddie Krueger. Then, on the way down to dinner, we shared an elevator with Wil Wheaton, who was exactly like his blog.

The weather is nice, although a tiny bit hot. The quick hit of the convention floor was super-cool - lots of neat stuff, including Japanese fighting robots made out of paper. We only walked around for about an hour, so tomorrow will be plenty of time for me to wander in a relaxed mode and explore all the goodies. If I'm lucky, I'll get a chance to say hi to Frank Cho. Life is good.


LT said...

so happy for you!!! listen as you are strolling - if you see something for ralph please get it and i will pay you back. he loves comics! so anything you like he will like. thanks bro! xxoo

Melissa said...

You saw Wil Wheaton!? I am such a huge fan of his blog. Well, now I am even more envious of your time at ComicCon!

If you run into any more bloggers from Ca out there (Jessica Stover, Shane Nickerson, etc, tell the hi!)

Hugs and have fun, and keep us posted on the fun.