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11:43 AM



Wow! I spent a morning doing a full-tilt exploration of ComiCon... Fantastic! For those who haven't heard this story, ComiCon is my birthday present from my wife, so today was extra special for that reason... But the convention itself is what MacWorld was like back in the early 90s... Filled with people and filled with incredibly interesting, expressive, artistic vendors.

I'm now back in the room, as I couldn't carry any more stuff. Lots of cool stuff for Nich and Noelle and Ralph, and some Liberty Meadows for me... Oh, did I mention that I met Frank Cho and talked to him and he signed my Liberty meadows stuff... No, I didn't mention it? Well, Frank Cho is surprisingly low-key and ego-less. An incredibly cool guy.

Ok, I'm gonna chill for a sec and then go meet Leslie... Dig ya later!!


thordora said...

oooh! Comicon! bastard... :)