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3:19 PM

We Got Targeted!


(the following is not a complaint or a plea for help, it's just a slice of time)

Y'all heard about Target customers getting hacked, yeah? [here's the latest info on that, as of Christmas Eve] Well, it turns out that Leslie and I both, independently, shopped at our local Target during the period in question, and sure enough, our credit union called us this afternoon and told us that both our cards had been compromised. As such, they said, both our cards would be cancelled, with new ones being sent out as soon as possible. How long will it take for us to receive the new cards? Five to ten days, maybe longer. It's a Christmas Miracle, In Reverse!!!

It's actually not that bad. The credit union was closed, but before canceling our cards, they gave us an hour to go to the atm and withdraw as much cash as possible. Also, we have a credit card with a different institution, and it wasn't compromised. So while the next week or two will be interesting, it's a minor inconvenience. There are people with harder lives, I get that.

Merry Christmas To All (except Target… Phoo on you and your lax cyber security)...