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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

About a week ago, I was given temporary guardianship over GNMParents. Certainly it was not a position I desired, as I'm chronically lazy, but I am dedicated to bringing parenting to the forefront of societal discourse. As such, I'm determined to do what I can to keep GNMP doing what it does. To that end, I ask any and all of you for two things: Spread the word about GNMParents, and send me writers. I believe in what we do, as do our community members. But it's not enough. We need to expand our readership, and we need to add to the diversity of our content. It will happen, even if I have to carry the whole thing on my back. But I'd rather have company on this journey, and as we all know, the more, the merrier. So do me the favor, see what effort you can make, even if just for a moment.

I surely appreciate it.

And thanks for all your well wishes, I am fortunate to have such real friends.


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Melissa said...

I am happy to work for you still. You're a big part of why I joined GNMParents (heck, you are probably *the* biggest part).