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8:51 AM

Lights Out


We've been having some weather here in SoCal these past few weeks. Interesting to get weather here, as we normally have a steady 72º and Sunny. This new weather consists of gentle rain, with the occasional gusts of wind. The past 24 hours brought us more of this new weather, expanded, with heavier rain and gusts up to 35mph or so. Mostly a neato experience, especially for our daughter, who loves, loves, loves the rain.

However, there was a slight hiccough: Sunday, mid-day, as the winds picked up, a large bit of storm debris brought down a nearby power line, and our neighborhood was thrust into darkness. Well, it was mid-day, so maybe not darkness. But the house sure went quiet, with all our electronic gizmos asleep.

So there we were, four humans in search of path out of the boredom. Enter: The "Family Guy" version of Monopoly. Many, many hours later, Noe was declared the winner, after we all did the math and realized that no matter what numbers the dice produced, none of us would survive her Donald Trump-like grasp.

It was absolutely lovely. And when the power came back on, we kept playing, laughing, chatting... Best part: We called a brief break so I could start dinner, and during the break, I overheard Nich and Noelle forming an alliance, creating a strategy to beat us. That was a pleasure indeed.

More weather is coming, and we may lose power again over the next day or so. I won't mind.


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