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    “Every little bit helps, said the old woman as she pissed into the sea” - Neil Gaiman

Watching the footage of the catastrophe in Haiti, I am compelled to do something. Are you feeling that same pull? If so, I'd like to remind you of a statistical reality: Every little bit helps. Every person you help, every bit of charity stems the tide of suffering in the world. Even if you don't feel connected to what's happening in Haiti, if you give food to a local homeless shelter, each person granted a meal walks a step closer towards a life that benefits others, creating a wave of productivity and grace and generosity that will spread across the globe.

As such, I implore you to click on this link, which will bring you to, arguably, the world's most trusted charity watch: Charity Navigator - They perform research on American charitable organizations, based largely on publicly available tax returns. The research gives Charity Navigator the ability to determine the charities' organizational efficiency and organizational capacity. This determination becomes a rating, enabling you, the source of charity, to pick a charity or charities that you can trust.

Even in this economy, even with your current situation, I'm sure that you can afford to put one of your dollars in the hands of someone who is having a worse day.

Thanks for listening, thanks for your generous spirit, thanks for your love of others,

Peace In Our Time,



Ericka said...

proof, if anyone needed it, that i am just not a nice person... i am not in any way compelled to help haiti.

even prior to the earthquake, we'd dropped enough cash into them that we should just own them outright at this point, and for what?

as long as there are lost and starving in this country - and those still struggling to recover from katrina for crying out loud - my small contribution will go to them. not some mudhole country someplace else, especially one that doesn't appear to have shown any willingness to do anything to improve itself.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well said Stu. Our Biblical tradition teaches us that "He /She who saves a life it is the same as if He/She has saved the world"
I respect your opinion. Perhaps you will instead, make a contribution to a homeless shelter in your community.

Anonymous said...

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