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Build-A-Bear, a family staple, recently created a short film to heighten kids' awareness of global warming. However, not surprisingly, the global warming deniers of our land have decried the film and are taking Build-A-Bear to task. The deniers assert that the film is "indoctrination" and that the company is bent on turning "kids into eco-fascist Manchurian candidates." Wow, really? And what may be worse, Build-A-Bear has responded to the craziness criticism by removing the videos and offering a half-hearted apology. Lame. So, as a response to the response, I present the vids for you to examine, and, if you like, to share with your little ones. Do it for the polar bears, who are way too cute to be an endangered species.


wufman said...

Need to watch whole series to the end... by time you get to end you'll think it will be raining dead polar bears across the world.