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Not sure where some of you stand on the existence of homosexuality or how you feel about homosexuals living amongst you, but I strongly urge you all to read the following story (linked below). It was written by a woman whose lesbian partner and co-parent died suddenly, and as the partner lay dying in a hospital bed, quickly fading into the beyond, the woman and the children that she and her partner raised were refused admittance into the room, even just to say goodbye, to be with her at the end. - And even if that wasn't enough, the lawsuit that followed was dismissed by a U.S. district judge, hiding behind the fallacy of "appeal to authority," - that is, the judge said that because the patient was in a trauma room, the trauma team's judgement is not to be questioned because they know best.

Here's the essay with a link to the entirety of the judge's motion.

I hope that we, as a collective union of human beings, can continue our quest to become more humane.


Lori said...

Horrid - inexcusable! thanks for sharing.

Suldog said...

That's just hideous, Stu. They (the various authorities involved) should be ashamed. In all likelihood, of course, they aren't - and more's the pity.

Anonymous said...

This is just an example of a failed system. We've all experienced the dread of being caught in a situation where logic doesn't prevail. Why are you linking this to a homosexual agenda?

Stu said...

Anonymous - I am linking this to an anti-homosexual agenda that is pervasive in our society (just about half of Americans are, on some level, opposed to homosexuality)... This is a failure of a system, but the logic breakdown was predicated by the sexual orientation of the victim. I feel certain that if this had been a heterosexual relationship, if everything else was the same, if they were common-law married but not legally, the staff would have been far more accommodating for a man trying to be with the woman on her deathbed. This is, to me, very clearly a case of anti-homosexual bias. I've worked in hospitals and my experience has shown me that hospital staff bend lots of rules when they conflict with human compassion. That did not happen here, and my money says that it was because the women were lesbians.