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Been a relatively easy summer. This first half has been filled with less-than-minor events: laundry, my weekly column, groceries (less time at Ralph's, more time on Alice), reading (The Big Con, The Dharma Bums, Torso, Pygmy, Powers), watching tv shows (The Wrong Door, Party Down, Food Party)... There have been a few minor events: fixed the dryer, continued producing a poetry project for a friend, took a pregnant friend to a pediatrician interview... The rest of my time is my priority: spending time with Noelle, Nich, und Leslie. We've been playing World Of Warcraft, watching/playing Pokemon, going to bookstores, trying new foods, playing Sorry, playing ping-pong, playing lacrosse, designing room decor...

I am now heading out with Noelle to The Cotton Shop to look at fabric. Life is what you make it.


Suldog said...

When you fill your life with the things you love, you love life.