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4:08 PM

Making Time


I'm a writer, part-time, and I value the crafting of my work, of my words. As I value my craft, I find myself attracted to the culture of make, of makers, of people who make. Makers are knitters, are engineers, are mechanics, are model rocket launchers. They're chefs, they're programmers, they're sculptors, they're writers. They are the people who add structure and form to your day, who present you with the new machine that does the new thing that totally makes your life better.

Which leads me to this pointer: Paul Graham (coder/author/10.6 million page views in 2008) wrote an essay that clicked for me - it's about scheduling your day to increase productivity. I dig the concept, it's how I schedule Sunday's for my Monday column.


Allen said...

Excellent article. It is right on. Before I retired, I would block off two days each week where I would not have any meetings scheduled (those were my "creative" days).