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I was very moved by Michael Moore's "Sicko." I've had a variety of minor medical issues over the past ten years and, in pursuing health care, found the situation almost intolerable. Especially unbearable were the doctors who wouldn't give me more than ten minutes, who would push me into accepting their diagnosis, even when I knew they were wrong, even when I presented them with published papers that contraindicated their recommendations for treatment. "Sicko" points out these large holes in our health care system, while pointing out that other countries, such as Canada, England, and France, have better systems. However, when I point this out to others, most folks respond with boilerplate defenses, deriding Michael Moore's documentary style, suggesting that he is out-and-out lying.

Along comes Wendell Potter, the ex-VP of PR for Cigna, who says that Michael Moore got it right. Below is a link to the interview he did with Bill Moyers. Important stuff:

Wendell Potter on Bill Moyers


Allen said...

An amazing and thought-provoking interview. I hope that the lobbiests are not again successful at tying up congress and preventing new health-care reform from being enacted.

Anonymous said...

I wish this interview would be broadcast by all media so people can understand one of the reasons why we need a health reform.