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My latest essay for GNMParents, this one is about Father's Day. Here's the first 'graph:

    If I drank, Father’s Day is definitely a day I would spend in a bar, drowning my every emotion. You see, I’m a stepfather. And being the stepdad on Father’s Day is like being the Vice President on Inauguration Day - They say nice things about you, but really, everyone’s there to see the other guy.


Allen said...


Excellent article ... I understand exactly how you feel.

Suldog said...

My own Dad having passed long ago, I think I sometimes don't give my Step-Father as much credit for being a lovely man as I should. Thanks for reminding me of that, friend Stu. I'll make an extra effort.

simplicity said...

This was excellent and can easily be turned around for me on Mother's Day. I'm a stepmom and I am in the same shoes as you. Hustling and bustling over studying, driving to activities etc. Thanks for sharing. I found it via GNM.