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A friend received the following spam - I thought it just surreal enough to warrant a post. Please, enjoy:


My name is Jeff Foster, I am the PR Manager for Our product removes mildew smell from washing machines. I would like to send your company a FREE Bottle of Smelly Washer so you can test it out & write a review about it on your website.

See How The Product Works:

Please give me a call at 952-935-4192 or send me an e-mail.

P.S. Our company also can offer Free Bottles of Smelly Washer to your readers if you wanted to run a contest or sweepstakes! Instead of spending money advertising our products we give away products to websites like yours to increase our brand awareness. Please email or call if your feel your readers would also enjoy receiving a free bottle of Smelly Washer!

Jeff Foster
PR Manager


Suldog said...

Sounds like fun, actually, writing a post about smelly washers and offering prizes.

Ericka said...

that's... really weird.

i work for a high end laundry manufacturer. we make front loader washers. ALL front loaders have problems with mold in the gaskets around the door. apparently europeans are much more okay with leaving their washer doors open.