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9:34 AM

Y: The Last Man


I love reading, whether poetry or novels or short stories or encyclopedia entries or comic books. I've been on a comic book tear the past few years, and have really enjoyed myself. Part of it is that graphic novels and comic books are produced by some of the best writers of the modern age (yes, every medium has it's level of excellence, but I find that the modern storytellers are gravitating towards comic books and so there seems to be more excellent material in the comic book world than the adult contemporary fiction world or the poetry world - didn't used to be this way; used to be plays and poetry, then novels, then film, now it's the graphic novel form)...

One of the best writers in the graphic novel arena is a guy born in 1976, Brian K. Vaughan. He cut his teeth on standard super-hero fare, but now he writes for the television program Lost, as well as his own comic book creations. One of them is entitled Y: The Last Man.

Y: The Last Man is a relatively long series (80 comics - 10 volumes) that starts with a 20-something man who wakes up to the fact that something has killed off every male of every species on the planet, save him. Now he must deal with life in a women-only society, as well as try to find the love of his life, as well as run from a variety of hostiles, who want him captured or killed. - It's fantastic stuff and I just finished the last of the series, very satisfied. I recommend this series unreservedly to any fan of Lost and to any fan of non-standard comic book fiction.

Meanwhile, it's on to other reading for me - I've got much in my stack, comic books as well as writing without pictures (I"m all growed up and don't *need* pictures when I read)


Heather Meadows said...

But pictures are so purdy!

I've heard of this series before but haven't ready it. I need to check it out.

Suldog said...


I have taken your name in vain over at my place today. At your leisure, you may wish to come over and defend yourself.