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7:46 AM

Fiber One Cereal


I'm in my forties - yes, it's true. And some things change, whether you want them to or not. One of them is the intestinal system, especially if you eat terribly, like I do. So when the need for fiber first hit me, I thought figs and such would be the way, except eating stuff like that was more a chore than anything else. And they didn't have enough fiber per serving - I mean, most fiber-rich fruits/veggies average about 5 grams of fiber per serving.

I may not be into fruits and vegetables so much, but I sure dig me some breakfast cereal. So I started looking at the fiber count of certain cereals and discovered that some had about the same amount of fiber. Unfortunately, the taste was kinda eh.

And then I discovered Fiber One. Not the yummiest cereal ever invented, 'cause, y'know, not a lot of sugar in it, but it's got some brown sugar in it, so it's pretty decent. And the fiber count? 13 grams per serving. No guff, Chet, 13 grams. That's enough to clean out your system, let me tell ya.

So if you're tired of eating figs and prunes and black-eyed peas all the time in order to keep your plumbing up to code, give yourself a break, buy a box of Fiber One (with honey clusters - yum!) and settle back on the couch.


Melissa said...

ooh, I have now entered that lovely age bracket you mention here, and have discovered the Fiber one bars. So gooey and yummy and chocolaty. My daughter will eat them if I let her. Can a 3 year old get too much fiber? To her they are the yummiest things ever.

Gotta check out the cereal now.

Stu said...

Well, can a 3 year-old get too much fiber? Are they potty trained? 'cause that's the line for me - I'll clean a poop-filled diaper, but if I'm goin' through more than one diaper an hour, I'm cuttin' back on the fiber. Ha!

Seriously, I found the cereal to be a wonderful and easy change to my diet - I eat terribly, and I'm sure my arteries are unhappy, but at least this Fiber One gives me some amount of goodness.

Now it's off to Burger King for my mid-morning snack of three whoppers and an order of onion rings.

Suldog said...

Try some Arnold or Pepperidge Farm (if you have those available where you are) Double-Fiber Whole Wheat Bread. MY WIFE and I refer to it as "Poopy Bread".

Sharfa said...

Do you know that Fiber One cereal ground in the food processor makes great & healthy 'breadcrumbs' for breading meats. Think of it as a good for you shake and bake.

Empire Hancock said...

I got some Fiber One cereal this very morning, having had this post in mind. I started eating the chocolatey Fiber One bars a week or two ago. They're pretty good, but not quite giving me all I desire in terms of fiber. Anyway, I got the Fiber One cereal with the raisins and stuff in it, not the kind that looks like little dehydrated worms. Looks unappetizing and doesn't seem like it would have any flavor whatsoever. Maybe it would be good for what Sharfa suggested, which seems like it might be a good thing to try.


Dangermouse said...

Don't forget the Fruit! ;D