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9:51 PM

Nich Made Varsity


Here's my latest post for GNMParents - it talks a bit about Nich making the varsity soccer squad - I'm really glad for him - he works really hard at soccer - It's nice to see that glow in his eyes, knowing that he's satisfied with himself.

Meanwhile, I hope the cold isn't effecting anyone too grossly - Thank G-d, our furnace is working fine, as it is now getting down to the low 50s here in Los Angeles - brutal, I tell ya, brutal.

Gotta go - there's ice cream in the fridge that's feeling ignored.


Suldog said...

50's? Horrors! Break out your long johns and wooly mittens!

I know, I know. You're half-kidding. But... 50's?!? That's a tropical heatwave around here these days.

lori said...

Mazal Tov to Nich!!!!! Must have been hard to watch some brute elbow your kid, but i am proud of you that you stayed in the bleachers letting him take care of himself. Love you bro!!! Happy 2009 - Stay warm!