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Been busy these past weeks - lots of little things - no major happenings in the house, just laundry-sized stuff.

The kids are done with school for the year. Nice having them around the house during the day.

Noelle is spending time learning to play the keyboard - I've been teaching her what I know, and the rest she's teaching herself from an Alfred book. We may get her formal lessons if her attachment to learning continues for another few months. So far, she's really enjoying it and she's clearly learning and growing with it. And it keeps her away from the tv, so yay for that.

Nich is working on homework that's due when he starts his next semester in January. They give entirely too much homework in high school. I wish there was something real I could do. I know I can call and complain, but they don't give a tinker's cuss. So there he is, sweatin' out his homework, six or seven hours a night. - Plus he has soccer, and now he's playing games with the varsity (He's not officially on varsity yet, just subbing), so he's practicing like crazy. I really feel for him. But I know that this is his life and he has to make his decisions.

Leslie is painting/drawing/playing guitar. Work is less hours now, but the instability of the global economy combined with the management shuffle is stressin' her a bit. Still, she's got that smile that lights up the room, and she's still sweet as cherry pie, so I'm guessin' that she's ok. If you like, you can email her and ask her yourself, or, if you don't have her address, feel free to email me and I'll forward your note to her.

Me? I'm fine. Workin' on the second AutoStar album. There's a turntablist that we may feature on the record - I'll know more in a month or so, after we've had time to work out. - I'm still writing my weekly GNMP column and I'm still takin' care of the house and raisin' the children and whatnot. I've developed a nice friendship with FiberOne cereal. I got new heads for my drums. I'm discovering new music.

I hope you are all in fine spirits.


Lori said...

Thanks for catching us up. Love to all!!!!!!

Suldog said...

"Alfred" books! I still have one, original date of publication perhaps 1972 (which was no doubt a re-pub of something earlier.) That, and a teach-yourself-to-read-music manual, were my introduction to actual book-learnin' music.

DAD said...

I find "Fiber One" quite stimulating.
Thanks for the update on the family.