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Obviously you've been following this story of the leak of Hilary Clinton as the nominee for President-Elect Obama's Secretary Of State. I've been thinking about it and I came to a conclusion, a guess: As leaks didn't happen during the election, why did the Obama camp allow this to leak? What if President-Elect Obama looked at Senator Clinton and decided that he wanted to eliminate her as an opponent in four years? He can't offer her Secretary Of State, because she'd say no, as she wants to be President. So he leaks the offer, which puts her in an impossible situation - she *can't* say no, because it'll make her look bad. It's right out of the final season of The West Wing. - Hey, I could be wrong, and my nephew might set me straight on this. Still, it's fun to play these parlor games.


Anonymous said...

I think you might be right. If (when) she accepts, it also has the added bonus of keeping her "in line" politically. As SOS, she can't be too overtly critical of President Obama. It also keeps her from campaigning for the next four years, prevents her from building a big "war chest" by soliciting donations for her next campaign AND it effectively muzzles her husband as well!

Very clever strategy - keep your friends close, and your enemies closer - or make 'em Secretary of State!

David said...

I have to say, there is SO much of recent events that seems right out of West Wing. The biggest bit is the last season, when a minority candidate (Jimmy Smits) takes on an older republican maverick (Alan Alda). Smits takes on a seasoned foreign policy expert as VP and Alda takes on a conservative governor as VP.

There's a terrific Times article that discusses some of the details, but the correlation goes WAY further than even the article states. Almost eerie.

-- Dave

melissa said...

This really bums me the heck out.

When I heard the leek, my first thought was cool, Hilary would be great in the cabinet. I am happy.

Now if my naive eyes accept that it's a move to keep her from becoming president down the line, that makes me sad.

Never watched West Wing, but you are not the first to mention it in light of recent political events. Very interesting.