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For those who parent, feel free to check out my latest essay written for GNMParents. Here's the opening:

    I was reading the words of the great 17th century philosopher John Locke the other evening, and I came across a section where he speaks of parenting. One thought in particular stood out and I wanted to share it with you all, in hopes of initiating a discussion. If you’ve got time, give the following a read:

    “I say not this as if children were not to be indulged in anything, or that I expected they should, in hanging-sleeves, have the reason and conduct of counsellors. I consider them as children, who must be tenderly used, who must play, and have play things… I have seen children at a table, who, whatever was there, never asked for any thing, but contentedly took what was given them: and at another place I have seen others cry for everything they saw, must be served out of every dish, and that first too. What made this vast difference but this, that one was accustomed to have what they called or cried for, the other to go without it? The younger they are, the less, I think, are their unruly and disorderly appetites to be complied with.”

Here's the rest of the essay.