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4:33 PM



Bad craziness here in Los Angeles. The noon sky looking like dusk. Ash coming down like a light snowfall. The smell of burnt timber. Over 10 square miles of civilization now a memory. The hits just keep on comin'.

It's hard to wrap one's head around what's happening. Yeah, the family is safe, but our neighbors in Sylmar and Yorba Linda are having a very bad day. And the wind isn't letting up, so Anaheim Hills is soon to be caught in the path of the ferociousness. It really is horrifying. I'm numb from it.

Mother Nature does not fuck around, I'll tell you what.


Ericka said...

hope you remain safe! thinking of you...

David said...

Wow, had no idea. So sorry. We're thinking about you, bud. Stay safe...

lori said...

scary indeed. praying for the santa annas to quiet so the firefighters can do their jobs. love you!!!!

Val said...

From Val
Keep us informed about this, Stu. Stay safe, Love Val

Anonymous said...

Stay safe.


Meg said...

The images on the the news are horrific.
The destruction takes my breath away.


Mark Rosera said...

get a nice gas mask and try not to breath in the toxic fumes - the little white surgical masks wont work - I was once sick for a week from breathing in LA wildfire . . . very bad stuff. . . almost as bad as carbon nanotubes that act like ASBESTOS

Anonymous said...

If it comes down to it, grab all of your beloveds, the computers, the cell phones and go.

Houses and stuff can be replaced.

People and pets can't.

We'll be keeping you all in our prayers.

Thim :)

PS: LOVE the new look of the blog!