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6:28 AM

A Tough 24 Hours


GNMParents pooped the bed yesterday morning, and it may be completely fubar'd. Spent all day yesterday dealing with it, trying to work with the tech who was going to bring it back to life. That didn't work out. We may have better luck today, we may. But between all that and some other personal issues, it hasn't been a pleasant 24 hours. And then I woke up to the news that Phantom Dan died, so I may head down to the local liquor store after the kids head to school. I hear Wild Turkey fixes everything.


lori said...

so sorry stu- computers are such a miraculous addition to our lives but when things go wrong it can be as if all the lights turned out. you know what dad says to keep calm in a crisis - this too shall pass. best of luck and strength. and my favorite reminder is don't forget to breathe. xoxo