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10:48 AM



Just finished cooking breakfast for four girls/women - Noelle and three of her friends, who slept over last night (spring break). Eggs, potatoes, cinnamon toast. Amazing how rewarding, how fulfilling it is to cook for others. And Noelle and her friends are perfect, so I'm happy to have them do this whenever. As I've told Leslie and Noelle, I feel like when it came to daughters, I won the lottery. (Yes, I feel the same way about Nich and Leslie, but this post is about Noe)...

Hope you'll all be having a great day!


lori said...

so cool. and what a beautiful photo!!!! miss you all so much!!! xoxo

Suldog said...

Ooh, cinnamon toast! I haven't had that in ages. Now I'll have to make some when I get home.

Sharfa said...

You are a great DAD.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Noe!! What a wonderful article. Noe, Stu really loves you. For him to say "When it comes to daughters I won the lottery" WOW!!

I love you, too, Noe!