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12:55 AM

Leavin' Soon


In a few hours, I'll be awake and getting the family organized for a taxi ride to the airport, for a flight to Providence, Rhode Island. A week there, then a flight to New Jersey, where we'll stay another week.

I'm looking forward to seeing my mother's eyes, to the feel of my dad's arms around me. I'm looking forward to watching my children and their grandparents. I'm looking forward to wassail and latkes and everything in between.

Also, I'm looking forward to being away from Los Angeles, to breathe air that is different, to see trees that are different, to stand on soil that is different. I plan on walking quite a bit.


Suldog said...

You're coming into a very snowy place, Stu. Bring boots.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait a minute to have a family hug - a big one. Wow! We are so excited. We hope that you all have a great time in Rhode Island. See you all soon. We'll be waiting.


Mark Rosera said...

god bless