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3:27 PM

Drunk Blogging


Just came back from a nice walk, a bit of Bailey's in my belly. The Patriots are turning the Dolphins into sushi and all is right with the world.

New England is a beautiful land, mysterious and ancient and alive. The woods speak of times past, of men and women, of love, of life.

My folks-in-law pitched a minor fit when I initially declined to take a flashlight along with me on my evening stroll. I relented, touched by their love. Didn't use it, but I took it with me.

It's not easy relaxing, as I still feel responsible for my family's happiness. I have control issues, I know. But some Valium and some booze make it a little easier to let go of the need to control their every move.

It's also time to reflect on the folks I miss. Dave and his family, I won't be seeing them this trip. Bummer for me, but our paths are just not crossing. That's ok, I understand, and the more I let go of my emotional needs, the easier it gets. And I know that time won't stop at the toll of the New Year's bell, it'll just be the marking of time, an arbitrary state. So I look forward to the day when I can see my brother face to face and greet him grown-up to grown-up.

I'll also miss Megin, my partner at GNMParents. We've never met, yet she's become like a sister to me. Odd how the Internet changes our perspectives on what qualifies as a relationship.

Sully, MagMan, Dariush... also will be missed. I will also miss my best friend in the world, Mike - although there's a teeny chance that we'll run into each other when I see my parents in New Jersey. Mike's a lead audio guy for The View and a compatriot unparalleled.

That is that, it's time to get back to watching the game. Peace be unto you and the ones you love and the ones you like and the ones you've never met.


Anonymous said...

Glad that long trip is behind you. Can't wait to see you all.

cherylann said...

How I do miss New England in the winter. You captured it. Thank you. Happy Holidays to your family and I hope that you're having a great vacation. If not, just drink some more Bailey's and take more valium!

Shafa said...

Thinkin' of you and yours, bro.

Suldog said...


Thank you for your kind thoughts. You know that you're often in mine. For what it's worth, we probably couldn't have arranged a meeting during your time in NE, as I was tied up with family obligations, work, holiday prep, and all the rest of life's irritating-yet-still-joyous happenings :-)

We'll definitely have a drink and a meal together someday, at least. Until then, G-d bless and talk to you soon.