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8:12 AM



For those who care, we're in the final stages of our plans to fly to the east coast. Depending on our credit card miles and Leslie's schedule at work today, we may confirm a final booking by tonight, maybe tomorrow.

For those who don't care, I taught Nich to cook jambalaya last night. As he and Leslie fell asleep before it was done cooking, it didn't taste as good, as I didn't have any tasters.

I worked on the orchestral piece again last night, and it's getting closer to being done. I don't like it very much, but I'm limited, in that I have no melodic sense, so my non-ambient stuff is pretty pallid.

However, I dig my ambient stuff a lot, and for those who don't fully respect my art, consider "Secret Friend" by Paul McCartney, from McCartney II. And for those who dig what I write, thanks for the encouragement. I feel like I'm getting better at it, that I'm composing stuff that is becoming more and more listenable. But I get it that you have to be into that artform. Me? I've been into ambient since I discovered certain Brian Eno albums back in the late 80s and got into it extensively in the early 90s, during the golden age of ambient techno.

Today's product recommendation: Dr. Hiosous' Quince Hand Lotion. It is, by far, the best hand cream I've ever used, bar none.

As I write this, it is a foggy day in London-town. It'll break for us soon, in the next few hours, but for now, visibility is maybe 500 feet or so.

Vaya Con Dios